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Sponsorship Form 


There are many people who are unable to own a pet, which can be difficult for them particularly if they are animal or bird lovers, but this is where a sponsorship can help to overcome this.

By taking out an annual sponsorship for any of the Sanctuary's long term residents you can rest assured that you are personally helping towards their welfare and in return you receive a certificate and photograph of your chosen animal or bird.

Sponsorships run for a term of one year from the date we receive your completed sponsorship form and payment. The cost for sponsoring each animal or bird is £24.00 per annum. Prior to the expiry of your sponsorship you will receive a letter and renewal form to extend sponsorship if you wish. 

If you wish to sponsor an animal from the sanctuary please click on the Sponsorship Form link above/below and pay via our My Donate button (please write 'sponsorship' and name of animal in message box on donate page to help administration) or you can pick up a sponsorship form in our charity shops in Bexhill and the sanctuary. If you need anymore information please use the contact form at the bottom of the page or phone Barby on 01424 222032.

Here are some of the residents that are looking for sponsorship.


A lovely little chestnut  who is very cheeky, came in due to having stomach problems. We had to watch how much grazing she was getting and she is now on a strict diet and a lot happier!



A male Staffy Boxer cross, is another long term resident here at the sanctuary but unlike the others on this page is still looking for someone to give him a new home. He was previously owned by a homeless guy that could no longer look after him. He’s not good with children and will be rehomed to someone who doesn’t have any other pets. He needs a very experienced dog owner who will be able to continue with his training. Quite a softie when you get to know him.


She was being bottled fed and kept as a pet in a house in Sidley. As she got bigger and livelier obviously this caused problems for the owners and they contacted us for a more suitable home. At first Sky hated being separated from humans and did not stop bleating but she soon settled in and now loves being part of our little flock.

 Sponsorship Form

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