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If you'd like more information on any of our dogs please call Dan on 07956 995330.

(Manager at the Barby Keel Animal Sanctuary)

We also have a dogs Facebook page which has more photographs and updates on our lovely canine residents.

I need help to rehome 2 dogs who are in care now for 6 months in northern Spain (Galicia), following bereavement and having to return to the UK where my accomodation does not permit pets..

Bodrhan and Saorise are brother and sister from same litter. They look a little like they are not from same litter. Bodhran the dog is brindle and has the size and a little of the look of a mastin (a lot less heavy set than mastiff breed), Saoirse is golden and facially has the look of a tinge of german shepherd.

Age: 3 years 4 months

Breed: mastin cross, mother mastin, father not known.

Health: good health. The bitch is sterilised, the dog is not.

Temparement: Friendly, curious, affectionate, playful with each other. Fine around children who visited, although their play could be daunting due to their size. They were trained to walk on a lead, come, sit, wait, come from far if whistled. I don't know what training has been maintained for last 6 months, but they seemed just as responsive when i saw them last month. The dog (Bodhran) is not good around other male dogs, he also killed a sheep when younger. Subsequent to that he was fine with our own single sheep, cats, hens, cockerel in the garden following training. However he still got the hunter eye glaze look when he saw sheep when we were out walking, and I only let him off the lead if I was very sure of no livestock or other dogs. He has an extremely lithe and powerful physique and is poetry in motion when he runs - like watching a leopard. Bodhran is attentive and regularly 'checks in' for some cuddles, Saoirse too, but a little less often. The bitch is very friendly with other dogs, the dog would need to be socialised with care and skill. They would bark as a visitor approached, but immediately looked for affection once any visitor was accepted in. They howled when my husband play his harmonica.

Exercise: they are large dogs, the bitch is about the size of a large labrador, and the dog a bigger. They would benefit from a home with an outdoor space where they could run and play, daily walks.

Ideally they would stay together, and if separated I feel they would bond well with their new pack. I feel they would also adapt well to new names, as they responded to many pet names. I also feel they would train well to new needs. They are smart and beautiful and affectionate but not needy, and with each other they have good company are fine being left alone for hours at a time. I didn't have problems with them chewing things, but always had plenty of bones and sticks for them chew on in a large garden.

Many many thanks




Thai is a six year old neutered Mastiff cross male. His former owner contacted the sanctuary when he got a job in Germany and could no longer keep Thai. We did not have any kennel space so he went on our waiting list. In the meantime, unknown to us, his owner took him to a vets to be put to sleep. Thankfully the practice manager took pity on him and got him signed over. They were able to look after him until a kennel became available at the sanctuary. At first he was very scared and nervous but now loving his new lease of life. He especially likes his toys and walks. Ideally we are looking for someone experienced around large strong dogs and although not aggressive to other dogs we feel he would be better in a home with no other animals having one to one attention.

Billy is a male Staffy Boxer cross and is roughly seven years old. He’s neutered and microchipped. Billy is a long term resident. He was previously owned by a homeless guy that could no longer look after him. He’s not good with children and will be rehomed to someone who doesn’t have any other pets. He needs a very experienced dog owner who will be able to continue with his training.

Patch is a seven year old male neutered staffie. He came to us at the beginning of April due to the sad death of his owner. He’s not good with cats and needs to go to a home without dogs or other animals. He’s house trained and loves his home comforts. Patch is an affectionate, friendly dog who loves his walks, toys and playing in our garden. 

Kumar is a male neutered year and a half old Huskey type. Stunning to look at he has a friendly loving nature with a cheeky character. He will need a home that is prepared to take him to training classes and give him plenty of exercise. At the sanctuary he loves to sit in his outside pen ( in all types of weather ) so ideally we are looking for a somewhere with a large garden and high fencing. Although we have no concerns about him around children we think due to his energy and size he would be best in a home without young children or other animals. If you think you can provide these needs please call Dan on 07956995330.

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