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This page was last updated on 8th September 2018 

The Sanctuary has many cats all looking to find forever homes and these are just a few of them. Rehoming is subject to a home check visit and it is the Sanctuary's responsibility to ensure the new home is in a safe and secure environment.  It has always been the Sanctuary's policy not to rehome where there is direct access to a main road.

The Sanctuary opens to the public on Sunday afternoons between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm, weather permitting, from the end of April until the beginning of October each year. If you are ready to offer a home to a cat, this is an ideal time to come along and meet those available for rehoming; have a cup of tea and a slice of home made cake. Outside these times you will need to call the Sanctuary on 01424 222032 to make an appointment.  Alternatively our shop in St. Leonard's Road in Bexhill also has details of all the cats ready for rehoming.

BUBBLES was brought to the sanctuary because her previous owner was unable to cope with her occasional attitude issues. Although not an angel, she is improving and is desperate to find a home. Bubbles will not tolerate young children, other cats or dogs and will need to be the only pet in the household. She will be best suited to a quiet settled environment with a new owner who has lots of patience.




 NARLA was reluctantly given up for rehoming by her owner because she would not tolerate the children. She is a young adult and will ask for attention for a fuss but this has to be on her own terms as she has a tendency to be unpredictable and is very cautious.

Narla cannot be rehomed with children, other cats or a dog but would like a garden. The ideal home would be with adults who would have the patience and time to let her develop and gain confidence and trust.


are mother and daughter who came to the sanctuary in search of a new forever home following the death of their owner. To distinguish between them Roxy is paler in colour.           

Due to the very limited information provided when they arrived we cannot confirm whether they would tolerate living with young children and would advise not to be homed with a dog. Therefore it would be advisable if they were the only pets in the home in a quiet safe environment.

Fancy and Zoe

are a delightful couple of girls who came to the sanctuary through no fault of their own. Fancy is more outgoing than Zoe who is shy. But they are both friendly and playful and love lots of fuss. To distinguish between them Fancy has a ginger flash on her nose.

They must be rehomed together and will not tolerate living with young children, other cats or a dog. They have been used to a garden in the daytime but have been kept in during the night-time. Their ideal home would be a quiet environment with someone around most of the time. Although not fussy eaters they have been fed a dry diet.



was reluctantly signed over for adoption by her previous owner who was admitted to a nursing home. She is a delightful adult cat who likes her home comforts and a quiet life, especially sleeping on the bed! She is on dry food only diet and eats small amounts all the time. 

The ideal home for Fifi would be in a quiet environment with the new owners who would be at home most of the time. She is not used to living with children, other cats or dogs and it would be preferable is she were the only pet in the  mouse.






 are looking for a new home due to their previous owner's child developing asthma and sadly the family had to give them up. Upon arrival they were very nervous but are gradually settling down. It is important they remain together and although they will tolerate young children they cannot be rehomed with other cats or dogs. 

Their new owner would ideally be someone used to living with and handling cats of a nervous nature but given time they will adjust to their new owner and surroundings.


Rosie was brought to the sanctuary from the Collington Avenue area of Bexhill as a stray. We know nothing of her background or if she ever had a home. She is a lovely cat and deserves to find her forever home. It would be in Rosie's best interest to be rehomed in a quiet environment to give her time to gain confidence and become settled and where there are no other cats or dogs.


Willow is looking to find a new home through no fault of her own. She does have natural feline instincts in that she is a hunter and will bring home the occasional trophy. She will tolerate young children but unsure of living with other cats or a dog. The ideal home for Willow would be either a semi rural location but not not necessarily a farm, or somewhere with a large garden where she can explore and hunt.


came to the sanctuary from St Leonards-on-Sea area due to his owner relocating. Since his arrival he has made leaps and bounds to overcome his nervousness and is a wonderful character.

His ideal home would be in a quiet family environment with no very young children or dogs. He will take time to adjust to his new surroundings but given time and patience will settle in and become a lovely addition to the family.



KAT is a young adult male cat who came to the sanctuary in search of a new home after his previous owner was admitted to a nursing home. Not a lot of information was provided when he came to us and we cannot confirm whether he would tolerate living with young children, other cats or a dog. But we can say that he likes to be pampered! He also had access to a garden and this is important for him.

BOOTS is from the St.Leonards area and is looking for her new forever home due to her previous owner relocating and unable to take her along. Boots has lived alongside other cats and with older children but we cannot confirm whether she would tolerate living with a dog. She is not a fussy eater and enjoys her food.




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