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This page was last updated on 15th January 2018 

Barby currently has lots of adult cats that need permanent, loving homes.

Please call Barby on 01424 222032 for more information

if you would like to adopt a pet from the Sanctuary.

These are just a few of the many cats we have in our care waiting for a new home

DUCHESS, PRINCESS AND PARIS  are looking for a new home due to their previous owner's child developing asthma and sadly the family had to give them up. Upon arrival they were very nervous but are gradually settling down. It is important they remain together and although they will tolerate young children they cannot be rehomed with other cats or dogs. 

Their new owner would ideally be someone used to living with and handling cats of a nervous nature but given time they will adjust to their new owner and surroundings.


Rosie was brought to the sanctuary from the Collington Avenue area of Bexhill as a stray. We know nothing of her background or if she ever had a home. She is a lovely cat and deserves to find her forever home. It would be in Rosie's best interest to be rehomed in a quiet environment to give her time to gain confidence and become settled and where there are no other cats or dogs.


Felix (black cat) and Mitzy came to the sanctuary together following the death of their owner. They have taken a while to adjust to being in the sanctuary and understandably were a little nervous at first. They have good appetites and are not fussy eaters. It is very important they find their new forever home together. They will tolerate young children and are used to having a garden where they can play and explore and are not suitable as house cats. It is in their best interest that there are no other cats or dogs in their new home.


Harry is a delightful adult cat who likes nothing more than being out in the garden exploring and enjoying himself! His previous owner relocated to a flat where he was not happy and therefore reluctantly gave him up for rehoming. Harry's ideal home would be a quiet family environment with older children and preferably where he will not be left for long periods at a time. He can't be rehomed with a dog and it would be in his best interest if he were the only cat in his new home.


Willow is looking to find a new home through no fault of her own. She does have natural feline instincts in that she is a hunter and will bring home the occasional trophy. She will tolerate young children but unsure of living with other cats or a dog. The ideal home for Willow would be either a semi rural location but not not necessarily a farm, or somewhere with a large garden where she can explore and hunt.


Willow is looking to find a new home through no fault of her own. Apparently she likes to spend time outside and has a habit of chasing birds which is not to everyone's liking. However, if she could find a new safe loving home this will encourage her to spend more time at home and not roaming the gardens and beyond.

A family environment would be ideal for Willow but with no other resident cat or dog as this would be too unsettling for her. Once used to her new surroundings she will make a lovely family pet.


Rosie came to the sanctuary as a stray from Bexhill area. Nothing is known about her background so we don't know where she came from or if she ever had a home. She was very nervous and stressed on arrival but is making steady progress and once settled in a new home will make a lovely pet. It would be in Rosie's best interests to be rehomed in a quiet environment to give her time to gain confidence and become settled and where there are no other cats or dogs.


Boycie and Smudge came to the sanctuary in search of a home due to their previous owner relocating and unable to take them with her, they are very friendly boys and deserve to find their new forever home. To distinguish between them: Boycie has a white streak down his nose and Smudge who is the larger of the two and has a black nose. 

We have been advised that they will tolerate young children and other cats but not dogs. It is important that they are rehomed together in a safe environment with a garden in which to play and explore. They are young and would do well with a family or possibly someone who has a lot of time to spend with them.

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