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This page was last updated on 1st october 2017 

Barby currently has lots of adult cats that need permanent, loving homes.

Please call Barby on 01424 222032 for more information

if you would like to adopt a pet from the Sanctuary.

These are just a few of the many cats we have in our care waiting for a new home

Felix (black cat) and Mitzy came to the sanctuary together following the death of their owner. They have taken a while to adjust to being in the sanctuary and understandably were a little nervous at first. They have good appetites and are not fussy eaters. It is very important they find their new forever home together. They will tolerate young children and are used to having a garden where they can play and explore and are not suitable as house cats. It is in their best interest that there are no other cats or dogs in their new home.

Fluffy is looking for a new home due to her owners death. She is a lovely cat but has become very set in her ways and likes everything on her terms! She is used to a garden and would be best suited to a home without other cats or dogs.

This is a photograph of Harry. Harry tolerates young children and other cats but we are unsure about whether he tolerates dogs so we'd like him to go to a home without dogs as this may unsettle him. He is very much an outdoor cat and needs a garden to play in and explore and spend a lot of time there doing cat things! He has a very good appetite and is not a fussy cat eater. He is looking for a family to spend the rest of his life with.


I came to the sanctuary in September 2016 at the age of twelve because my owner relocated and sadly I was unable to go along. I do prefer to be with older people and will not tolerate children although it is believed I could get along with other cats but not dogs. I have been used to a garden in which to explore. I have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition for which I take daily tablets. I am not a youngster but would make a very friendly companion once I got to know you.


I was brought to the sanctuary in November 2016 as a four year old. According to my previous owner I get on with young children and dogs but not other cats. I have natural feline instincts which means I am a hunter and will bring home trophies for my owner. Not everyone appreciates this but it is part of my character. My ideal home will need a large garden in a semi rural location but not necessarily a farm.


I was brought to the sanctuary in March 2016 as a stray and had been hanging out near the town of Bexhill. Since my arrival I have been very nervous and stressed which is why it is taking time for my true character to develop. If you have a calm nature and the patience for a nervous cat then I am your forever friend!


I was two years old when I came to the sanctuary in July 2016. Upon arrival I was naturally quite nervous not knowing why I had lost my home and it has taken me a while to adjust to being here. I have been used to children but not dogs or other cats. If you have the patience and are willing to take me on then I will make a lovely family pet.

Box and Halloumi

We came together to the sanctuary through no fault of our own on December 2016 due to a new addition to the family. It would be better if we went to a home without any young children or other cats or dogs. We are not fussy eaters and are looking for a home together.


I came to the sanctuary in August 2016 as a nine year old cat because my owners relocated and were unable to take me with them. I don't mind young children or other cats and I'm used to having a garden. Although I am called Tom I am actually a female and a real lap cat!


I came to the sanctuary in August 2016 as an eleven year old cat because my owners relocated and I couldn't go with them. I will tolerate young children and cats but not dogs and I am used to having a garden. Although I am called Charley I am a female and I am known to be a bit of an explorer so it's best if I am rehomed somewhere where it is safe to go roaming.

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